Thursday, April 14, 2011


Rawr~~ Oh lordy its been so long since I have ever made a post *dies*

Anyway, hi agains~ <3

Me misses you people :'D

So, like, I just got my tarot card reading, damn accurate O__________O *shock*

This is scary.. I cried when I read this.. So true v______v
Question: I'm hoping to study art, but the prospectives in this study are not good in my country. So I'm considering going into the science stream. Possibly Physics and Biology, Chemi if I could o3o;

1. Past or Underlying Factor:
The Stars:
There was a period of hard times. A lot of tears and frustration.
Someone felt compelled to give it all up. However with guidance and virtue, they were able to recover. They utilized this hardship to mold into the person they are today, someone who is strong and eventually found their sucess.

The star also represents a strong belief and confidence in a young girl. This girl has hopes and dreams. She might even be a day dreamer occasionally. At times, she can be a bit hastey - but that's only natural considering her age. This girl wants something worth while to live for, a purpose in life. She may have had a challenging past, but she knows that a bright future is ahead of her.

2. Current Situation:
King of Wands in Reverse:
You feel that you need to hide who you really are, to meet the expectations of others. You are frustrated, torn between what you want to do and what they expect you to do. You're beginning to take notice that some people can't see things in a worldly perspective, unable to change their set ways.

The card wants to let you know that you should always be true to yourself. It doesn't matter what other people think: if it makes you happy, go for it. No one should dictate how you choose to live your life.

There is a big decision you have to make, take great time and consideration before you give your response. You have a great opportunity to change your life right now.

There is something upsetting or saddening is influencing you to choose against what you want. The King wants to remind you that although you think these forces are working against you, you should take a moment to rexamine it. If you rexxaime, you will have a better understanding of others, possiblily the people who oppose your desired choice.

The King of Wands in reverse also stands for someone who can be bossy, impulsive and overbearing. They don't do it out of mean spirit. They do it because it's in their nature, they need to be in control. Again, this person means well -- but they don't know how to convey their ideals in a non-aggressive manner.

Cards 3 - 6 will talk about if you choose art.
3) Action:
Knight of Wands:
It suggests you make a bold move, preform an action out of self interest. Although you want to make people happy, it's time to do something for yourself.
If you are embarressed or afraid of the inquesitions that may occur due to your choice, don't be. The knight is all about no restraints. He lets people know who he is and if you don't like it -- then too bad. If you are passionate about art, you should feel confident in it.

On the inside, you are very assertive when people oppose you. You imagine great rebuttels and what you want to say. You could appear submissive externally, but inside you're pissed off.

There could be someone in your life, most probably a male, who will support you. A friend, a relative or maybe someone you have yet to meet. XD
This person physically looks: young, strong and in good shape and possibiliy have foreign features. This person can be a bit hasty at times, but you know that you can trust them.

The knight represents growth, and wands represents self. On my card, the knight is riding a horse - ready to start his new adventure.
It is best advised that you choose the option that will involve the most self growth. (art *cough cough*) You need to make the choice where you can increase your self worth. Be ambitious, maybe a bit greedy for once. Make calculated risks and stand by it.

4) Internal Influences:
10 of Chalices in Reverse:
You're scared. You're worried that if you make one wrong move, everything could shattered. Chaos will errupt. Maybe At times, you wonder if its better just to leave it alone and forget about it.

But the days are passing, and you will soon be cornered into making a decision.

5) External Influences:
The Empress can be related to the Greek goddess Demeter; she was a mother who had to strike a deal with Hades to see her daughter again. Not only a mother, but a woman who represented everything that was nature. She is good looking and has a loving side.
However, while in moments of anger, she will errupt. Viciously fighting for what she thinks is right. As a mother, she believes she knows what is best for her child. Though this love for her daughter can blind her to see what the child actually wants. In fact, this love is so strong that she will do all in her power to get the desired outcome she wants.
(In the story of Demeter and Persephone, Demeter left the earth unatteneded and bear until her daughter returned back to her. )

Is she stubburn? Most likely. But she only wants what's best for you. As hard as it seems, to need to tell her what you want directly. Don't beat around the bush, it will anger her more. Not to say that she won't be upset when you tell her what you want, but she will come around eventually. (I'm sure she's just concerned about the meek financial prospects in the Art field.)

Although I did use the word: her and she a lot, this doesn't mean that the external force is a female. It is someone who displays female sterotyped traits, such as: emotional, family oriented and a caregiver. This person hold authority over you, although they may usually leave you to their own devices - they act on their power when they feel like they need to interfere.

6) Outcome:
3 of Chalices:
Happiness! YAAAAAAY.
The illustration on the card is so happy, a group of three holding hands as they spin around. They are smiling. Enjoying their youth. It's a sunny day and everything is beautiful.

TT ,TT I'm so touched by this result.

Cards 7 - 10 will talk about if you choose science.
7) Action:
Ace of Chalices:
You will be finalzing your career choice. Most likely, if you do choose science, you will get a job in that field.
In the illustration, cupid sits alone in a field. It is a parshly cloudy day, though the birds fly above him. Despite having wings, he does not join the birds. Instead, he sits on the ground with a look of rememberence on his face.
If you do choose to follow through in the science stream, you will always think back to the possibility of "What if I had done this differently." Despite your world being filled with joy, you may feel empty inside. You will fufill the expectations of others around you, only to let yourself down in exchange.

8 ) Internal Influences:

The death card symbolizes the ending.

This can relate to your situation in many ways.
It will be the end of your frustration about the impact that taking art would have caused.
It will be the end of any drama that may have been taking place.
It could be the end of any possibility of getting into art.

The death card can also signify for transformation. In this case, when you do venture into the new -- things that once were will not be the same. You will not have the option to go back. You are obligated to look forward and proceed.

9) External influences:
The Hierophant:
Your decision will greatly appeal to someone wise. This person holds an important stake in your life. They are admired as a leader and well respected, however, they do have their controlling streaks. This person has taught you from a child, they are a traditionalist and stubburn. They refuse to reform to the now, they prefer to remain idle in the past.

You are very keen on making this person happy.

The hierophant also transates into submitting into tradition and community.

10) Outcome:
The World in Reverse:
Upright, this card stands for achievement, traveling and great knowledge.
Sadly, this time the card choose to be upside down.

Someone who has not mastered what they have have started, needless tosay, they are refering to your talent in the arts. It also represents an empty feeling. They feel imcomplete. But they know it's too late to change the way things are.

This card also stands for someone who has worldly views but chooses not to act on them. They intentionally hide that part of themselves; perhaps out of fear for not being in the social norm?

Basic message: CHOOSE ART. It's true, there might be some hardship in the beginning -- but in the end it will all be worth it. n___n
Rawr woman that did my tarot reading, you're scary you know that? :U

Friday, September 10, 2010


Its a random day today.. 2nd day at Lagkawi my paret rented out a kayak to gpo fishing in, they came back all soppy and wet xD. My dad's story was that they were pulled over by a BIG fish while kayaking. He said that the fish was as big as one of his arm.. But who can believe that? Mom's story was that they all were merrily kayaking along when a freak storm hit them. they immediately tried to turn around but then Dad went ahead and plunged his paddle into the wrong end thus capsizing the boat, lmao. I prefer Dad's story better. However, the fishing equiptment sank coz the weights were inside the bag, luckily they didn't get pricked by any sea rambutan, lolz. All in all it gave us quite a good laugh xD

Thursday, September 9, 2010

langkawi.... Aiyoyo..

its been so long since I have blogged.. Well, anyways, Im blogging niw so yesh.. And im in a hotel (obviously i cant stay in the sewage) in langkawi now.... The first day was quite uneventful. Mum went fishing after we unpacked our stuff (she even forgot to sleep as what she was telling us we ought to do) the hypocrite. Guessss what we cauugghhtttt.. Nothing.. ;w;.. Lmao, she went like, heres a good spot to'fish and dumped her stuff beside.. After she threw the line it got caught up between some corals.. Lolz, she pulled and the line snapped back, minus the hook and weight. Aww.. So sad... Guess we wont be eating fish toniht. She gave up after staring at the fish (i swear they were laughing at her, their teeth were HUGE!!!) so we all went kayaking. We went kayaking around a small island, and the fish kept jumping out of the water to get out of the way (mom went like GET THAt fish!! i just sat back and laughed) i mean, your kayaking and a fish jumps out of the water and you just spread your hands wide and it falls onto your lap? Fat chance, but she tried anyway... (scared the sh@t outta me coz she was like paddling backwards and I was like, Rocks on the frIGGIN RiGHT!) no fish was harmed in the midst of the chaos ;D.. Lmao.. Gtg now, my aunt wants her phone back ;) see ya next time!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bored as hell

I am bored. Period. So cacat one the school computer. I login then afterwards it put for me I haven't login yet.. Sometimes arh I wish I didn't have to stay back at school larh.. So mah huan..

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Stupid sejarah

Did I mention that I hate sejarah? I guess not, so this will be a rant about how much I hate it. xD Screw sejarah, we don't even use it when we're in the outside world.. Besides, some of the information in the book is incorrest anyway... Imma gonna getiin jail for this... But hell, I already am there... School, school and more school... My life sucks, so does the other gazillion people who have to go to school too.. This is just great.. Note the sarcasm... Sunshine ish not blogging no more.. T______T why oh why oh why? I also am getting tired of blogs.. They need to be lenghtened, not like facebook status updates.. But then I can't rant in facebook because I added my teacher... Pineapple! xD Goldfish also got it too :DDDDDD. LMFAO. Imma go and finish me crappy Sejarah homework right now.. Bye all! xD Jing yi you still want to quarrel ke? I'm really bored right now..

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

OMFG, my mum wants me to only play the pc on saturdays and sundays ONLY. I can't live with that! T____T I am officially screwed...
Any suggestions on how to ease my pain? Dying is not an option..
Hmm.. Can I pick having a hunger strike? LAWL. I wish, but then I'd be hungry.. a lot..

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Today is a lazy day. I am bored, woke up at 6a.m. to go to the park to take a walk with family. They forced me to!><>